Heal the Earth - Heal the Humans

It is our sacred duty

We are the ones we have been waiting for

A Problem

Sequoia trees are the rockstars of carbon sequestration, exactly what our planet needs right now.


The world is burning fossil fuels and emitting carbon dioxide at a destabilizing level.


“We are in a planetary emergency.”

Prof. James Hansen, former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies 

"Human activity is causing irreparable harm to the life on this world. Many current life forms will be extinct by the end of this century. We may right now be causing the Sixth Mass Extinction in Earth’s history. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we plant in, the food we eat, and the beauty and diversity of nature that nourishes our psychological well-being – our very health – all are being corrupted and compromised by the human values behind our political and economic systems and consumer-focussed lifestyles." - https://rebellion.earth/

A Solution

Planting trees is the most effective method of carbon capture, and Sequoias sequester up to a phenomenal 3.5 metric tonnes of CO2 annually. Sequoias are not only the world's largest trees, but they are also the fastest-growing coniferous trees. They can grow 4 feet per year with growth ring up to  2 inches wide. This makes Sequoias the best solution for carbon capture. Living up to 3500 years, your Sequoia is also drought and wildfire resistant and provides homes for animals, clean air and water filtration. Adopt Your Sequoia and you will help to heal Mother Earth -  thanks for caring!


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