No space to plant? Not up to the job?

No worries! We will do it for you.

Adopt a Sequoia now and you will be responsible for removing up to 3.5 metric tons of CO2 per year

$25 buys you a baby Giant Sequoia or Coastal Redwood Sequoia that our forest elves plant for you and water and watch over it as it grows and sucks down that CO2.


How It Works…

Provide your details or the details of the recipient and we will mail out a super funky postcard with the GPS coordinates included.


Geocache your Sequoia to locate, love and track its amazing growth. 

gift a Sequoia 

The perfect gift to honor your special person any time of the year! 

 Invest in the future - a healthy planet for our children and all Mother Nature’s creatures to enjoy.

Dedicate one magical Sequoia or even a whole grove for your family or company!

 The ultimate meaningful gift for the caring and SERIOUSLY carbon-negative lovers. 


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