Earth's most massive tree

The Solution Our Earth Needs 

Dating back more than 200 million years to the Jurassic period

Sequoias Are phenomenal CO2 sequesters*

Sequoias sequester up to a phenomenal 3.5 metric tonnes of CO2 annually and 1000 tonnes by full maturity. Not only the world's largest trees but they also the fastest-growing coniferous trees. They can grow 4 feet per year with growth rings up to 2 inches wide. This makes Sequoias the best solution for carbon capture. Living up to 3500 years, your Sequoia is also drought and wildfire resistant and provides homes for animals, clean air and water filtration.

Orgin of the Sequoia Name




A tree named after a Cherokee Native Leader, credited with creating the Cherokee alphabet.

DId you know there are two types of Sequoias? 

Giant Sequoias

  • Coastal Redwoods also are known as Sequoia Sempervirens. 

  • Known for their massive height of 300+ feet, making them the tallest trees in the world! 

Coastal Redwoods

  • Giant Sequoias are also known as Sequoiadendron Gigantium.

  • The Giant Sequoia is popular for its huge trunk, which helps hold 3.5 tons of CO2 per year! 


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