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Let's Face it. Our World needs more trees!

A Planet with trees is lush and green and healthy. A Planet without trees is a dead planet. The choice is ours.

Trees stabilize this beautiful Planet by performing countless life support services. For starters, they give us oxygen, water, medicines and habitat for the World's flora and fauna. They also sequester carbon dioxide, give us oxygen to survive, and lockdown carbon in their trunks, roots, branches and foliage. 

But not all trees perform the same. Sequoias happen to be phenomenal at sequestering massive amounts of CO2 - and locking carbon down for thousands of years, while reaching heights of nearly 400 feet, four times the height of other mature trees, and in this league of their own have earned the name Giant.

As our Planet struggles with a burden of CO2, deforestation and wildfires, we can rise to the challenge and work together to create Balance by planting more and more of these magnificent Sequoias.

Such a simple act, replicated with your support, will create a powerful Healing and Balancing effect. Invest in legacy Sequoias here for all gifting occasions, and we will plant on your behalf and send postcards with the GPS coordinates of each Sequoia so each tree can be located and tracked. We are in this for the longterm. We look forward to partnering with you to Heal and Restore our Mother Earth.


Buy a Sequoia - the Perfect Gift

Dedicate A Legacy Tree to Honour Your Special Person for Any Occasion, and help Heal our World in the Process! Thank you for your Care and Love.

But why Sequoia trees?

Sequoias are the perfect workhorses to help heal our earth by sequestering up to an astonishing 3.5 tons of CO2 per year! Not only are they the largest living things on earth they are able to live thousands of years.

The benefits of planting Sequoia trees are endless! 

Help us add many more of these magical beings to help Heal our Planet now.

Your Sequoia Will Help Heal our World By

Sequestering up to 3.5 tonnes of CO2 Annually

Security Pup Igloo Helping To Plant the baby Sequoias!

Our Planet needs

more trees

We'll send you GPS Cooridnates of each tree! 

We Keep Every Planted Sequoia's Location And Send it to You When You Adopt or Dedicate a Tree, So You and Your Loved Ones Can Have Fun Geocaching! Let the Tree Hold Your Memories, Hug and #LoveyourSequoia

 Coastal Redwood 

  • Coastal Redwoods also are known as Sequoia Sempervirens. 

  • Known for their massive height of 300+ feet, making them the tallest trees in the world! 

Giant Sequoias

  • Giant Sequoias are also known as Sequoiadendron Gigantium.

  • The Giant Sequoia is popular for its huge trunk, which helps hold 3.5 tons of CO2 per year! 

Once Redwoods start hit their stride they can grow up to 1/2 an inch per day. That's 4 feet per year!

Did you know there are

  two types of Sequoias? 

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